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Group Culture

Vision: the world's leading special manufacturing company, the harmony and win-win of the century old enterprise

Mission: to provide first-class compressor for refrigerator manufacturers worldwide

Purpose: to create to meet customer requirements, rely on innovation to seek business development, in order to achieve the value of life

Core values: to create wealth for the society, let employees live and work in peace,

Happy home with the Donper business philosophy: dry, feeling happy, share the fruits of development, with rich road, with a peaceful life

Business philosophy: first-class technology first-class equipment to build first-class products, first-class first-class concept of first-class enterprise management

Quality policy: meticulous design exquisite production of exquisite products sincere service

Employee common behavior guidelines:

(1) the enterprise:

The smooth development of peace efforts:

When it is time to change: understanding and supporting the positive

Difficulties: to pull together in times of trouble

(2) the work:

With "dedicated" attitude towards work is the minimum requirement,

To engage in work with the spirit of "occupation" is a qualified standard

With the cause of the ideal integration into the work is the direction

(3) to customers:

Customer demand is our guide to behavior

Customer desire is our direction of improvement

Customer satisfaction is our pursuit of the goal

Customer value is the basis of our interest

(4) to the supplier: the equality of personality on the other hand, courtesy respect friendly, the cause of CO creation, win-win cooperation and win-win

(5) filial to their parents, is the enterprise of infidelity.

(6) only good character, to make quality products.

Management personnel code of conduct:

High hard pioneer;

Innovation and enterprise;

Unity and cooperation in industry;

First honest business.

Protect Neophocaena

    Porpoise species introduction

    Finless porpoise body like a fish, length 1.2 to 1.6 meters, whole body black, short head, frontal ministry micro prominent, small eyes, Obe Ra, dorsal fin, rarely leaping out of the water, only backs exposed surface.

    Like other porpoises, dolphins are more likely than their behavior is not too energetic, not easy to see.

In different regions of the finless porpoise character will have different (for example in Hong Kong is afraid of human beings), finless porpoises in some places will be initiative to follow the ships go swimming, but most of the finless porpoise afraid the ship, but not near.

    Pregnant porpoise is 11 months, they will be in late spring to early summer breeding. When the small porpoise was born, they will adhesion mother of the finless porpoise in the back, followed Chang Yong in the mother, and small porpoises within six to fifteen months weaning.


    The main food is fish but also the finless porpoise, eating shrimp and squid.

    The Yangtze finless porpoise is mainly distributed in Wuhan Jiangxi Hukou and Jiangsu lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the waters of Nanjing on the total number of 67%.

    Survival status of endangered factors

    Yangtze finless porpoise to 15% a year speed dropped, the number of less than the giant panda, a national treasure, by the end of 2011, the Dongting Lake only more than 120. The porpoise in the water almost no natural enemies, because it is only to cut people become enemies of human - porpoise.

    Electric fishing, maze, exploder, Haiwang dragging destructive fishing, will inevitably lead to the depletion of fish, so that the finless porpoise food shortage; also will inevitably lead to the finless porpoise deaths and injuries; the gradual deterioration of the water quality of the Yangtze River, serious harm to the finless porpoise and fish resources ecological; disorderly sand mining activities, high density of vessels interrupt the finless porpoise populations in habitats and cable channel of bait, great threat to the safety of finless porpoise.

    From the beginning of March 3, 2012, Dongting Lake is found in a row the finless porpoise deaths, as of April 15, there have been 12 finless porpoise deaths, of which 9 head within a week were found. Not only is the Dongting Lake, Poyang Lake has also recently found finless porpoise deaths, autopsy findings, the death of the finless porpoise mostly a common feature: no digestive system in any food residue. Although the cause of death is not yet clear, but anatomy expert analysis, resulting in the death of the finless porpoise may be: is the propeller hit to death, the incidence of infectious diseases, poisoning, or starvation.

    In 2012, the new surge in the number of finless porpoise deaths, experts raised concerns. In April, WWF Beijing office said there are 32 porpoises in case of death "is deeply concerned about 2012". At this rate, after 10 to 15 years, porpoises will face extinction fate and dolphin like.

    Status quo of porpoise protection

    Because of too little around the finless porpoise record data to assess the level of the species protection, in the World Conservation Union's red list is listed as "data deficient". The main distribution of the Yangtze finless porpoise, due to serious pollution of river basin, the finless porpoise quantity in a declining trend.

    In endangered species of Wild Fauna and plant for the Convention on international trade in the finless porpoise listed as Appendix A of animals, said the finless porpoise commercial trade in the international is prohibited. The finless porpoise in many areas is also protected animals, including China Hong Kong, China, in some waters of the Seto Inland Sea of Japan and China Taiwan and other. However, these areas of protection legislation and lax law enforcement, so no significant protective effect on the finless porpoise.

    Therefore, it is urgent to strengthen the protection of the finless porpoise resources. Design the finless porpoise nature reserve, carry out artificial domestication and breeding research, by releasing a young dolphin proliferation resources and ensure the finless porpoise reproduction from generation to generation, is of great significance.

    In 2005, the Ministry of agriculture on funding the establishment of a "Yueyang municipal nature reserve of Yangtze finless porpoise". However, until February 2012, the relevant departments to establish a "boundary east of Yueyang City porpoises in Dongting Lake nature reserve". But this so-called protected area just stay on the paper, did not put into practice.

    On 2006, Premier Wen Jiabao made instructions, called for the strengthening of the protection of the Yangtze River dolphin and research. The Ministry of agriculture and related scientific research units and local government composed of Yangtze dolphin protection network, and the development of the Yangtze River Dolphin Conservation Action Plan ". As of January 2012, the Yangtze River downstream has a total of six protected areas. Among them, 3 national level protected areas: Hubei Shishou Swan Island reserve, Hubei Honghu new screw period of the protected area, Tongling, Anhui reserve; 2 provincial nature reserves: Jiangxi Poyang Lake Reserve, Jiangsu Zhen Jiang insurance protection zone; municipal conservation district 1: Anhui Anqing protected areas. Moreover, more than the United States, Germany and Britain and other 6 countries in close attention to Dongting Lake finless porpoise.

    Non governmental organization

    On August 17, 2011, the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) in Changsha start finless porpoise conservation action and initiative more people join the ranks of the protection of the finless porpoise.

    In order to quickly save endangered finless porpoise to truly become a new business card and Yueyang of Hunan's "Panda", in Yueyang, Hunan Daily reporter Station invited local news, education, culture, science and celebrities and Daming, 11 fishermen, initiated and in 2012 January 8, set up China's first specialized finless porpoise protection agency "Yueyang City porpoise Protection Association"; the formation of the Dongting Lake patrol, the high frequency expansion water patrol, to discourage illegal fishing; released the "China Yangtze finless porpoise protection declaration.